Tuesday, 31 January 2017

27: Shooting the Film

I used two main tools to aid with the filming of my music video; a steadicam and tripod. These two tools helped me to improve the quality of my shots. 
The camera I used was just a cannon point and shoot however I do believe this provided a sufficient level of quality. 
Shooting my film took two days in order to fit into the routine of my actors and catch the lighter parts of the winter days.
The lip-syncing shots however were done in advance at school due to the availability of a projector. I managed to source the projector within school and sue the sixth form centre as my studio for shooting the lip-syncing scenes. 
Shooting the film had to be done it quite a short frame of time due to the availability of my actresses and singer. I also wanted the shots of the city which meant I had to do all of my filming outside of school for the storyline. This came with a risk as if I didn't get a shot there would be no way of me being able to redo it. This mean I spent I long time planning out each shot and making sure there was no chance of forgetting one. 

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