Monday, 6 February 2017

Digipak Cover 2: Font Tests

For this task I had to explore the different fonts I may be interested in using for my digipak and poster. The font must be consistent across all parts of the marketing campaign and so this is an important choice.
I decided that I wanted my font to be somewhere between the way the font was on Florence's previous albums and her latest one. I want it to still be indy as this is my target audience but I want it to also universally attract as 'The Dog Days Are Over' is a well-known song by multiple audiences. I also want my digipak and other parts of the campaign to appear clean cut so this is why I don't want it to appear as free hand as the previous albums.
Below is a short list of the fonts:

My personal favourite is the last one as although the letters aren't joint it is still sophisticated and softer than normal capitals. However I am unsure if this is my final decision as I will have to check that it works when creating the digipak.

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