Wednesday, 5 October 2016

11: Textual Analysis of 2 Videos

Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey

The mis en scene used within Lana Del Rey's music video 'Summertime Sadness' is very apparent and effective. There are only two actors within this video, this is effective as it is showing the story between the two characters. Having the singer as one of the main characters allows her to be the storyteller through the lip-syncing of the song. 
The lighting throughout the music video has a consistent red tone to it and the rest is dark and natural lighting. The main focus is on the colour red. This ties in well with the costume choices, as Lana's love interest is wearing a red dress and she is wearing a white dress that is simplistic and natural. The use of the colour red in both the lighting and costumes represents the theme of love in the video. It could also represent the danger that surrounds the love with the love interest jumping off a bridge by the end of the video. 
Lighting is very effectively used throughout this video, a projector is used to project 'telephone wires' onto and around the character of Lana Del Rey. This is an alternative use of lighting that effectively both lights the character and allows for images to be placed creatively. Lighting is also used to create a silhouette of the actor whilst she is singing. The use of multiple types of lighting that all connect by the colour red helps to keep consistency throughout the video.
Almsot all of the scenes are filmed outside with exception to the projector and silhouette scene. This helps to keep the video natural and is also a great way of using natural lighting. The open spaces they use are effective and great backdrops that are also free to use. 

The cinematography within 'Summertime Sadness' is fantastic and varied throughout the entirety of the video. The use of different shots ranging from close-ups, long shots, wide shots, low angles shots and many more. The camera movement is varied as well with some of it looking like a hand held home movie, some shots appearing to use a steadicam and others pan shots. The variation of shots and moments help to add dimension and fluidity to the final version of the video.
The cinematography used throughout helps to paint the picture of the story in the video as well as highlighting the lip-syncing of Lana Del Rey. The way it is filmed makes it appear as though the audience is getting an insight into the characters life. I really like the use of both close-up shots of the characters and wider shots of the beautiful surroundings.

Due to this being a music video the sound is completely music from start to end. Unlike other music videos that have an introduction this video goes straight into the lyrics. The song doesn't need an introduction as it is a story in itself. There is very little lip-syncing throughout this video. It is mainly the song being played over actions that represent the lyrics. This is effective as it connects the song and video together. 

'Summetime Sadness' is edited to appear vintage and like it was made in the 1900's. I really like this technique and believe it is very effective. The shot duration used matches the pace and rhythm of the song. This is effective and creates smooth transitions between the different clips. Continuity is created through the video due to the colour effect film placed on top of the clips to create muted colours. The film is a montage of clips and once you see all of them you begin to understand the story that is being presented.

sex - EDEN

The mis en scene within 'sex' by EDEN can be seen as similar in some aspects to Lana Del Rey's 'Summertime Sadness'. There are also two main characters and actors within the music video and it represents a relationship that seems to be facing issues. One aspect of this video which I really like and wish to take inspiration from is the lighting. Lighting is used to represent the lyrics, 'No I don't know how to forget you'. This is done through the light starting on the male actor and then moving over to the female. It shows how the characters are unsure as to how to leave one another and the light represents the fight to forget one another. The lighting used within this video is very varied and changes from natural sunlight, to indoor lighting, to the use of bright white lights. The variation of light helps to add different dimensions to the video. The lighting used always matches the scene it is set in and helps to further tell the story of the two lovers. 
The costumes used within this are easy and casual clothes and so allow the actors to appear like their audience. This creates the idea that what they are going through issues other people can relate to.  The setting of the song moves around and has multiple locations spanning from a field to an arcade. This keeps people interested and help show the transition and breakdown of the relationship in different locations.

The cinematography within the video is very clever and uses multiple techniques that I hope to use in my own video. The video uses a variation of shots used throughout the video and have one thing in common and this is that one of the characters is always centred on screen. The transitions within this video are very clever and smooth and are something that I hope to achieve. By using match on action through both the colour blue and the different corridors it creates smooth transitions and this is down to the clever positioning and set up of the cameras. The different shots used including close-ups and mid shots present the relationship between the two characters. Everything is filmed within quite a small frame with next to none wide cuts or extreme long shots. The shots and angles are very intimate and this reflects the relationship being presented.

The sound throughout this video is the song 'sex' by Eden and the transitions are matched with the beat of the song. The video most definitely matches the song and is used to further explain the lyrics. There is no introductory speaking or concluding speech, the video only contains the lyrics of the song. Just like this video I want my music video to get straight to the point and for my images to reflect the emotions being expressed in the song.

The edit of this video is very fast-paced and reflects the transition and emotions of the relationship presented in the video. The use of match on action explored through similar shapes and colours was very cleverly edited together to transition from one location to another within the video. By making the individual clips short and constantly transitioning it helps to keep the audience interested.

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