Thursday, 6 October 2016

12: 9 Key Shots - Dan Croll 'Home'

Dan Croll's video for 'Home' use a lot of different shots that change following the rhythm of the song. His video is a journey of him travelling from London back to his family home, he uses both scenic and uncles shots throughout the video. 

This is a shot of Dan Croll walking away from the camera in the shape of a circular lens. It is a cleaver shot and shows another way to mix up the variety of shots by blacking ou the edges and making it seem as though you are looking through a hole at Dan Croll.

This is a mid shot of Dan Croll at the beginning of his journey home and is also an over the shoulder shot. It makes it seem as though the audience is following him on his journey home. I also like the use of natural light within all of the shots and the fact that most of them are taken in public areas.

A low angle, tip up is used for this shot and shows the singer walking up the stairs. This is another effective shot and makes it look like we are following him on his journey. Dan Croll's use of unique shots keeps the audience interested in his video.

 A mid shot showing Dan Croll's face is another shot used to vary the music video. This allows the audience to clearly see the lip-syncing of the song and makes Dan Croll seem as though he is signing directly to you.

 This is an aesthetically pleasing, wide, establishing shot. The colour scheme of red represents love and this is reflected in the singers love for his home and origins. This is a good planning of the mis en scene within the video as the setting was planned to match the context of the lyrics.

 A low birds-eye view of the mat at the front door of the house helps to put the emphasis on the idea of home. The use of this shot helps to further put focus on the mat, instead of it being a wide shot where there is less focus on the mat.

 This is an establishing shot of the cityscape to represent the lyrics in the song that talk about the contrast of the home and the big city, London. It appears slightly pixelated as part of the videos theme is that some of the footage appears old and vintage. This gives it an effect that makes it look like these are the singers personal home videos, which makes the video come across as his personal views.
 This is a low shot that appears to have been filmed on a steadicam and is like the previous image shot to look vintage. It is a shot that shows part of the singers journey to his home and so is another establishing shot.

This final wide shot shows not only the main singer but the whole band playing the song. This is an establishing shot as it wraps the whole video together by having him land up with the band. This shot adds another aspect to the video and creates another section.

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