Monday, 3 October 2016

8: Things to Consider

After choosing 'The Dog Days Are Over' by Florence + The Machine I had to decide upon the way I want to create my music video and how I am going to do this. After searching through the 'Things to Consider' posts on Mrs Black's blog I begun to think about the way in which I will most effectively make a good music video.

After watching other music videos and from my experience at AS I have realised how crucial the editing part of making a video is. Graphic match is one technique that has become apparent to me as being very effective. In order for me to pull this off it will include a lot of preplanning and good editing skills, including the angle and steadiness of my camera. It is a very effective way to transition from one scene to another and if done well can add a lot of value to a video. By having a colour or shape that stays the same and in the same position throughout help to create an effective graphic match. An example of this is the advert for 'Honda Curiosity - Adaptive Headlights'.

Another thing that is very important for me to consider is the lip-syncing. In order for my music video to look professional and seem effortless my ability to make sure that my lip syncing matches the lyrics is very important. I am also going to make sure that the person I get to act as my singer is able to get into character and is willing to work on their ability to lip sync. This is something that I am going to have to practice prior to making the music video and I as skill I am going to have to learn. Without an effective lip-sync my video will not come across as seamless and this is something I want to make sure doesn't happen.

Thirdly I believe that the lighting of my video will highly influence wether or not it will be successful, There are now so many different lighting options to explore and this is definitely something that I will do in the planning stages. Lighting can enhance the mood and can work very well with graphic matches. Lighting can represent emotions of the characters and the lyrics and can easily make a video look much more professional. It can hide sins and help contribute a sleek finish to the film. Lighting is a cheap way to make a video look much better without blowing the budget and needing special gadgets. I will experiment with lighting and figure out what will best compliment my video.

After using stop motion for my lyrics video I would like to explore the use of it in my music video. I believe physical effect can contribute to a video just as much as the editing. This is something I am going to consider and look more into. Stop motion can create crazy and amazing images as well as movements. I am excited to further research this and hopefully include it in my final music video.

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