Saturday, 11 March 2017

Album Advert 2: Importance of Print Advert in Promotion

Marketing is the art and key to getting people to listen to your music and become a fan of your art. Often musicians who are super talented don't receive the recognition they deserve due to a lack or failed marketing technique. Bad marketing and advertising techniques often result in a struggle to make sales, get gigs and manage to improve their music career. Raising awareness of the artist is key to album sales and posters are the first step of communication between the artist and the audience. This is followed up by secondary advertising through two way communication of marketing; this is done through artists replying to their fans on social media. Although promoting music online can be highly beneficial you are losing out if you don't also use offline marketing. The use of promotional posters and the clever placement of them around certain areas where your target audience hangs out can make a major different. A good place to have your adverts is in music related shops and venues as well as gigs for artists similar to the one being promoted. A print advert can also give useful links to online marketing and further two way communication between the artists and their fans.

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