Friday, 10 March 2017

Digipak Cover 9: Audience Feedback on my Mock-Up

I created my survey monkey in order to collect audience feedback from my target audience. I managed to make sure that the majority of feedback was from my target audience by sending the link directly to people I know fit the mould of a young, indie audience. 

 Receiving a resounding yes from this question is very positive feedback and makes me confident in the fact that my digipak is in sync with my music video. This allows me to move forward with the look of my digipak for the final draft.
 The feedback on my choice of font is helpful as it has let me know that it may be better if my font has slightly harsher lines. This will make my digipak edgier and more clean cut and may be more in line with the expectations of my target audience. This is something I will bring forward and change for my final digipak.
 The majority of the people who gave me feedback have said that there is nothing else they want to say about my digipak suggesting nothing else needs to be change. I have had some other feedback which I have listed below that states slight changes that I may want to make.

Overall this feedback is very helpful and I will take it on board when designing my final digipak.

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