Sunday, 12 March 2017

Album Advert 3: Flat Plan of Advert

After all my research on different advert I started to plan out what the advert for my piece would look like. I decided that clean cut, simplicity is key at allow key dates and information to standout to observers. I decided to have an up close shot of the singer in the centre as this will bring the poster to peoples attention. To keep the synergy with my digipak I am going to overlay some tree branches onto the singer to keep with the theme. Furthering my synergy I am going to have the same flowers I used on my digipak displayed across the advertisement. At the bottom I am going to have symbols for where you can access the album and also the name of my production company. The advert is mainly going to be black and white with the flowers adding the colour. I believe this matches my digipak and also will help to make my poster look professional.

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