Wednesday, 2 November 2016

18: Production and Exhibition Institutions

Florence + The Machine at the beginning of her career when she released the first music video for 'Dog Days Are Over'. This meant that she didn't have an actual producer and it involved her dad using his camera to film and using her friends and family as the actors. Florence then posted the video to YouTube. YouTube would be seen as the first distributor of this music video and later it was followed up by both Vimeo and MTV. This proves just how independent the making of this music video was and how many indie artists produce their music videos by themselves.

Most of the production companies I have researched don't seem as though a video for 'Dpg Days Are `over' would fit in. Both London Alley and Video Ink are very good and popular production companies that have the likes of Ariana Grande and The 1975 producing several of their music videos through them.

The accessibility to the internet now and the ability for artists to produce their own videos is amazing. This is the way I believe my music video would be produced. The independence and ability to be in control of the production of the video is something I believe I could use to my advantage.

The distribution of my music video would obviously be aimed at free upload series such as YouTube and Vimeo.

These two outlets would allow me to distribute my music video for free and share it with my target audience. The power of online sharing means that it is readily averrable to a much wider audience than in the past would have been possible. Depending on how well revived on these platforms my music video became it may then later be distributed to the likes of MTV.

Since my music video is indie pop and rather alternative I believe that it has a rather niche market. This means that my music video may not be aimed at the masses, not all the videos are meant to be viewed by all but rather enjoyed by those who appreciate it. I believe this is what my music video will be like.

Florence + The Machine is singed to Island Records, which is owned by Universal. They produced her later video that she created after she had gained some following and had the financial ability to create a higher quality video. They also produce videos for the likes of Catfish and The Bottlemen, Calvin Harris and The Weeknd. This is avery varied mix of artists with multiple genres and levels of following.  If I had to choose a production company for my video it would probably be Island Records. 
They are very good at producing a variation of videos and their access to multiple different directors and teams of collaborators allows for a lot of different opportunities. If I had the financial backing and ability to work with Island Records I would. When making my own video I can keep in mind the multiple techniques and collaborates they use to create their music videos. The good thing about being an indie pop artist is that it usually gives you the ability to experiment when making your video. 

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