Tuesday, 29 November 2016

25: Film Cast

Philippa Randall shall be the singer in my music video and will be involved mainly in the lip-syncing shots. I choose Philippa as she is part of the leading edge and already embodies some of the characteristics that my target audience will enjoy. She is also an A-level drama student and has starred in multiple musicals. She is also experienced with performing in media studies videos as she has done so in the past. In conclusion Philippa's experience will help when I am creating and filming the music video.
For the protagonist in my video I will use Jessica Gardiner and Nicola Gardiner. Both of these actresses shall play the protagonist as by the end of the video the younger actress will have grown-up. I chose these actresses as they are in different age ranges and attract different audience members in comparison to the singer. By having a mix it allows the music video to be viewed by a wider range of people. Due to the actresses being family members they are reliable and I know I will be able to get them for their scenes. 

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