Wednesday, 9 November 2016

19: Key Elements in Order to Conform to My Video

Conventions of music video in relation to indie-pop:

Mis En Scene

The location for my video is important, in order to keep an audience interested it is a good idea to have more than one location within the video. In order to meet the convention of an indie video I am going to have one of my setting in the outdoors. I am them going to have one setting indoors that will mainly be for the close-ups of the artist. This is important as often within indie-pop video there is a storyline and the protagonist is usually the artist. Close-ups the artist will also be good to get a clear view of the lip-syncing.
The costumes I will have will be in-fitting with young and alternative youth, this will further attract my target audience. For the storyline there may be other characters who will where the clothes that fit their role. For example there may be a mother/daughter/son, they will where the conventional clothes of a nuclear family.


The shot types, camera movements and angles all have to attract my target audience and conform to the indie-pop genre. My target audience, the leading edge are all about exploring and experimenting with new things. I want to reflect this within my filming techniques. I want to use filters and interesting angles to entice my audience and keep them interested. By using multiple shots and consistently cutting on the beat my video will run smoothly and so will be enjoyable to watch.


The lighting used within my video will be very important at making sure my video looks presentable. For the outdoor scenes I want to be able to use natural light and will have to experiment to see what the best way is to get the correct clarity. When inside I also want to experiment with lighting through the use of a projector and the multiple lighting rigs that are on offer. I believe that this will further interest my audience and create an alternative and hopefully experimental way of presenting my video.


The sound for my video will clearly be the soundtrack of 'Dog Days Are Over'.  At the moment I don't want to include a introductory scene or ending scene with actual speech. The most important part of sound is that my lip-syncing look credible and that my music matches the video that I am creating. 

In order to attract the leading edge I a must be experimental and creative in the editing process. I once heard that editing is 70% of the importance when creating a good video and I agree with this. If the editing is not smooth and in-sync with the beat and rhythm of the song the video will not be enjoyable. Editing can transform and help to improve a video as long as it is done in an interesting and professional way.

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