Tuesday, 15 November 2016

21: Storyboard of Five Sections

1. Landscape
The first section I will have running throughout my video is landscape. This will be shots that are used to establish the different settings and scene for the other shots. Even though this will involve me filming in natural light I am going to use a filter in order to make all the clips have a similar colour tone.
 2: Projector Close-Ups
A very effective and cheap way to use lighting and combine it with close-up shots is the use of a projector. I am going to use a projector for most of the lip-syncing shots while still keeping the shots interesting. Projected onto the wall will be my own landscape clips and other clips of the characters who are going to play the family members.
 3. Running
I want running across the screen to be a key theme and this will create the idea of a journey, This will also help to tie into the lyrics of song and explain the way that the protagonist will reach her final destination.
 4. Train Journey
The train journey will allow for me close-up shots and will help to tie in the landscape shots. My music video is all about a journey and reaching the final destination both physically and mentally.
 5. Country to City - Final Destination
My final section is about the transition of the protagonist from the countryside to the big city. I am also going to get my character to grow up when she enters the city. This will be possible by getting somebody else to play the protagonist when she is older.

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