Friday, 11 November 2016

20: Story Plan

The idea for my music video is to have a mixture between the narrative and intertwining the up-close lip-syncing shots. I want my narrative to be about the main character growing up. The lyric ‘run fast’ is going to be the basis for my video with the narrative showing a journey of somebody running. I want my narrative to be mainly focused in a natural landscape with most of the shots being outdoors. The close-ups and lip-syncing scenes will be a mixture of outdoor shots and up-close studio shots. When editing and filming my video I want to use quick cuts and match on action. The video shall be fast paced and the cuts shall match the rhythm of the song.

The main actor shall be seen interacting with a multitude of other characters including the ‘mother’, ‘father’, ‘sister’ and ‘brother’, much like the lyrics of the song. I also want to intertwine short and concise scenic shots to help establish the scene. Time-lapse, reverse shots and multiple angles shall be used to effectively express the journey of the singer. The video will be based in the countryside with a village feel. This location allows for amazing shots in the natural environment, which will help to guide my story. I want my video to end with the singer having run away from the countryside and entering the city. This will be done in an almost magical way with a match on action. The singer will go through a bush and will walk into a city landscape. I believe this will be a good ending to my video. 

My video should attract my target audience as well as the wider public by it being very relatable. The video will show a teenager interacting with other people and enjoying the outdoors. The costumes and alternative filters and camera shots will keep the leading edge interested. By contrasting the natural, outdoor shots with the studio close-ups including the use of a projector shows the experimental visions of the video.

For this video I think the most important thing will be to have a variation of shots that move at a fast pace to keep the audience interested. By having multiple different settings that the shots are filmed in throughout the video you can continually switch to different shots. This will keep the audience interested as there will be constant change. I am going to use 4 or 5 main settings throughout the video that will be scattered within. This means that no only will there be fast cuts and multiple shots but the setting will always be interesting and varied. Although the main narrative will run throughout and makes sure the video still has a consistent storyline. The other settings and shots will just interpret the narrative at certain points. 

In order for my video to stay in-fitting with the indie-pop genre I want to explore different filters I can apply to my shots and the experimental lighting I can use. By using outdoor lighting and a projector this automatically varies and experiments the lighting. My costumes for the main character will be alternative and similar to the creative leading edge. However by the end of the video when she enters the big city she will be seen in urban and city-chic clothing to show her transition. 
The over-all aim that I hope the video will have on the audience is to effectively present it's message. The main singer is saying goodbye to those she loves and leaving her bad times behind. When she enters the city at the end it shows her pursuing her dreams. This video should hopefully come across as motivational and should represent an aspirant member of leading edge chasing their dreams. 

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